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Residential and Commercial Sales
Can’t pay the 1% or $1000, whichever is greater upfront to list your house? We offer traditional closings at 5% which can be paid at closing.

1% Listings, Terms apply.
From $1000
Finally, Full Client service at a better rate! Pay only 1% or $1000 dollars, whichever is greater for listing your property with Bootstrapped, LLC. Higher commissions do not mean better service! Pay 1% or $1000 up front (non-refundable) for listing your property. Ex: $300,000 house saves $4500!

MLS Lockbox Rentals
Selling your house as a For Sale by Owner? Rent our Lockbox and let agents show their clients your property without you having to be there. 2-month Minimum rental. $20 per month

Open house services with or without food and beverage service
From $25
Have an open house! $25 dollars, (2-hour max) no food/beverages. $ 50 on weekends/Holidays. $80 dollars Food /Beverages provided by RE Agent. (2-hour max). $120 weekend/Holiday with Food/Beverages (2-hour max) Show prospective buyers why they should buy your property with an open house!

2.5% Commercial listings, Terms apply.
From $3500
Why pay more than 2.5% to list commercial properties? Get great service and only pay 2.5%! Paying higher commissions does not mean better service! 2.5% is due upfront, (non-refundable). Can’t pay the 2.5% upfront? We offer 8% commissions paid at closing, with a service fee due upfront. At closing, if we close, that fee can be credited back to you at closing.

Investor Classes taught by Zen Industries, LLC
Sign up for this 3-hour class and learn what the free classes don’t tell you. Get real insight from a proven investor who made 7 figures in Sumter, SC in the 21st century. See what it takes to make informed decisions in the investment realm of real estate. Get weekly actionable mentoring for 8 weeks. 1 time a week, following the class. Pay Now via CashApp $bootstrappedllc or Venmo @Bootstrapped! CLASSES ARE THE FIRST MONDAY OF EACH MONTH, STARTING AT 6PM, EST. Must pay by the 30th of each month to reserve a spot. (No Refunds, no exceptions).

Real estate Counseling/Consulting for the public at large
From $100
Are you new to everything real estate and you don’t know where to begin? Let’s talk. Initial consultation starts at $100. Reserve your appointment with Aimee Vora and let’s work towards the goal. Payment due upfront. To pay, via Venmo @Bootstrapped, to pay via CashApp $bootstrappedllc.

Real Estate Contract Fill-out Services
From $250
Are you trying to sell your house yourself? We will keep you legal by providing the necessary LLR contract documents you need to give your buyer or the buyer agent. If you need help filling out the forms, we do that too! $50.00 and you tell us what you want us to put down on the contract.

Non-Client Home Showings
Get your pre-approval or proof of funds in hand and let’s look at properties! You don’t have to be a client to be a customer looking at properties with Bootstrapped, LLC. $15 dollars per house showing, 5 houses max. Fees are due before showing properties and are non-refundable.

Investor Prospecting Services
Are you an Investor or do you want to be? Get unlimited insights and opportunities to purchase in your price point sent to your email regularly. this is an annual subscription due upfront, (sorry, no refunds). Get market insights and see what your market is doing!

Escrow Services
If you are a Brokerage or a FSBO, we can hold earnest funds or other fees in escrow starting at $30 per transaction. This is a great service to protect the integrity of fees committed in a ratified contract.

For Sale by Owner Answering Service
Are you selling your house yourself? Bootstrapped, LLC offers FREE answering services for you! Forward all calls to us and let us vet the buyers for you. We will make sure they have their proof of funds or pre-approval ready before proceeding further. This is a valuable service so utilize it!

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